Dave Chappelle just put out two new stand up comedy specials on Netflix. The first is titled, Equanimity and the second is The Bird Revelation. In them, he tackles Hollywood's sex assault/harassment tornado. His approach and comedy were too much for many of the "political correctness police." Social media users and critics have been slamming him since the release.

I watched Equanimity, and I laughed really hard. I plan on watching The Bird Revelation. I'll likely laugh at that one. That's kinda the point with stand up comedy, is to laugh. These artists go up and do the single hardest job in entertainment. They grab a mic, no one else there to lean on, no music, nothing and they entertain a large group of people.

We laugh because something feels true to us, we have experienced it. Other times we laugh because they say the things we think but cannot say. There are times we don't laugh because we don't find it funny or it hit too close to home for some reason. That's alright to do by the way, not laughing for either of those reasons is normal.

It's what is happening here that twists my mind into a pretzel. You have genuine outrage from people over a joke. It does not have to hurt these people who are hurt, they allow it. They allow it to hurt and then they get to typing.

If you have ever written a letter, an e-mail or a social media post about how a comedian, TV show, radio show, movie or a band offended you then you are THE WORST. What you are actually doing is contributing to destruction of art.

Every time one of you self righteous world police takes to your keypad you make it THAT much harder for the next project to get made, the next album to get bank rolled, the next film to get a green light.

The people in charge, the check books behind producing and distributing art almost never care about the quality of the product. They never care if something gets communicated that makes another person feel connected to the world. They never care if what they are distributing makes someone laugh so hard their stomach hurts.

What those people in charge care about is their bottom line. They operate solely on how to make and keep money. More and more, the P.C. outrage has forced those people to take less chances to protect their money. When that happens we all get safe art, art that has no chance of offending anyone, art that does not make you think, laugh, cry or feel something.

What do we get as a result?. A TV lineup loaded with amateur singers trying to make it big, painfully unfunny sitcoms and reality shows where middle aged women scream and throw champagne.

What you get are movies about tween vampires, 50 Fast & Furious movies and an endless stream movies based on comics. You get Demi Lovato, Justin Beiber and the Weekend. You get radio professionals who are either told not to say anything or are afraid to. You get podcasts on Gluten free living.

Keep writing your self righteous letters to prove what a good person you are. The result is never going to be what you want. The people you are lashing out at are, in most cases set up and don't need the gig they have. The real result is "Two Broke Girls." The result is "The Bachelor."  That is really ALL IT DOES. It gives the rest of us poor options of TV, music, movies and comedy.

Chappelle even spent a few seconds of the special is addressing this very thing. He basically said that you people are making it harder and harder to be funny. The guy is rich and has accomplished so much, after this backlash, why bother? He and many other truly entertaining people are going to drop off the radar and who could blame them?

I'm not saying anything new here but why not ignore the things that "hurt" you? If you don't like something change the channel, spend no money or time on it. Why not that? I guess it's a waste of key strokes to even bother.

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