According to the News Times, a mask-less man went on a foul-mouthed rant in the Danbury Barnes & Noble recently. Part of the incident was captured on video by a customer, shared on social media and has gone viral.

The manager, Sharon Ewing, says she asked him to leave, claims he told her he would "lay her out." The video of the incident picks up after that alleged comment. We spoke about it during the Ethan and Lou Show this morning (12/23/20), and the man involved in the incident immediately called us and we put him on the air.

If you want to skip ahead to where he calls the show, it begins at the 6:28 mark.

Police say they gave the man a citation for public disturbance.

Normally, I would have screamed at the guy, talked over him the whole time and tried to make him feel as small as possible, but that was not necessary.

Letting him talk and tell what he called "his side of the story" was the punishment he deserved. The things he said to the woman were unacceptable. If he'd come on the show, showed remorse and apologized, that would have been one thing. Instead, he doubled down.

No matter your political views, this is not the venue for your opinion or stance. It's a bookstore where people are either working or shopping. No one should have to go to work and think they are going to have to be a bouncer and or a political moderator.

He. was. wrong.

WARNING: Video contains unedited profanity. 

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