The big question is, "Why did John Oliver go off on Danbury?"

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We discussed this question yesterday on I-95's Ethan and Lou Morning Show. We concluded that something unfortunate happened to Oliver as he was passing through Danbury, like maybe a miniature pincher went after his junk.

The announcer and Director of Communications for Danbury's pro hockey team, Casey Bryant, decided to 'wipe the floor' with Mr. Oliver, but in a much more eloquent fashion via YouTube.  Let's roll the videotape!

Well done, and well researched, Casey! I think that Oliver didn't come up with those Danbury fun facts by himself in his expletive-filled-rant. I'm pretty damn sure his 12 writers handed him an official piece of paper on 'Last Week Tonight with John Oliver' letterhead that included those facts and the creative potty-mouth expletives they chose for him to say.

While I'm on the subject, Oliver only wishes he was half as funny as John Stewart when he was a regular correspondent on the Daily Show from 2006 to 2017. It's also important to note that Oliver's voice was used in both the first and second award-winning Smurf movies.

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Danbury Hat Trick's Communication Director, Casey Bryant, gave it right back to Oliver in his YouTube video by saying,

There is one area, though, where John did not do his homework, and that is, of course, the idea that he could give anyone in Danbury a 'thrashing.' We invented thrashings. We have a proud history of beating the tar out of people.  


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