If you've been following the saga of the Danbury Sewage Plant and John Oliver, then I'm sure you've been following what Danbury's Caio Ninja has been posting.

If you're not familiar with Caio Ninja, he's an 8 year old from Danbury who's real name is Caio P. Leaf, and since the beginning of the pandemic, has been delivering Caio Ninja news on his YouTube channel.

According to newstimes.com, when the John Oliver feud first started, Caio jumped right on the story, and his response was actually featured on John Oliver's HBO Show.

Now, since the Mayor has accepted John Oliver's $55 thousand dollar offer to re-name the Danbury Sewage Plant after him, with the only catch being that Oliver must show up in person to cut the ribbon, Caio Ninja is ready just in case.

In the event that Oliver backs out and doesn't make the trip to Danbury, Caio says, in his latest broadcast that he's ready to pinch hit for the TV host.

You gotta love the part in the broadcast when Caio says "I will karate chop that ribbon for you so fast, and it will look 1,000 times cuter then the real John Oliver".

Oliver has already featured some of Caio's videos about him and the city of Danbury on his Sunday night HBO Show, "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver".

It may take about another week or more before we actually get a response from John Oliver, as his show is currently on vacation, but it's good to know Caio Ninja is ready just in case.

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