It takes a certain type of individual to put his or her life on the line everytime they head to their job.

The Danbury Fire Department's mission is to provide safety and security for the citizens of the city, and having a top notch fire department is all part of that mission.

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Now this week the Danbury Fire Department announced on their Facebook page that it will be adding seven new recruits to their ranks.

The new members are: Sveinn Bragason, Jake Czelada, Ben Urbano, Marty Stahl, Noam Kessing, Kyle Lindsay, and Bailey Studer. According to the department, five of the seven will start their intensive recruit firefighter training next week at the CT Fire Academy. The other two new recruits are coming to Danbury from other fire companies and will start their jobs immediately after a short orientation.

According to the department's web site, the city of Danbury comprises 44 square miles and has a resident population over 82,000 with over 100,000 commuters, students and shoppers in the city daily. On any given day, fire fighters may have to respond to a structure fire, a hazardous material situation, assist a mother with unlocking her car or provide medical assistance at a motor vehicle accident. The primary focus of the Department is to provide the best possible customer service on every call.

The Danbury Fire Department's career division, those who are considered full time fire fighters, consists of one hundred and twenty members, staffing five fire stations, with five engine companies throughout the city. 50 of those members are also Fire Service instructors.

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