After receiving tons of submissions and then putting it up for a public vote, YOU have decided which out of all the bad tattoos in our local area is the best of the worst.

We now have a clear cut winner for our 2019 Tattoo Redo, and that bad ink job is set to receive a $500 gift certificate to use toward a cover-up from the amazing artists at Danbury Tattoo & Piercing. 

Congratulations to Michelle George of Danbury for receiving the most votes! Here's a look at the winning tattoo and what Michelle had to say about it:

"When I was 18 years old, I freshly emerged out of an abusive relationship, and wanted something to signify the freedom I felt, the power I felt, and me emerging as a stronger more knowledgeable person. I decided on an amazing black panther ripping out of my shoulder blade. What I got is more akin to IDK a deformed gargoyle? A malformed dog? I have no idea what it actually looks like, but since there were no highlighting colors, no contrast, and it was all black on black, it was definitely not the majestic creature I felt like, and feel like to this day.....Please help. "

Winner - Panther - Michelle George

Take a look at the other tattoos that made it into the finals of this year's Tattoo Redo. There's also a breakdown of the entire polls' results below the gallery:

  • Joe Fregosi's Wrestlers - 6,890
  • Steven Gill's Pink Elephant - 122
  • Neil Minto's Bat Skull - 42
  • Tracy Monaco's Flower - 25
  • Tina Costigan's Cross - 118
  • Michelle George's Panther - 17,824
  • Mark Sadowski's Lady - 62
  • Erik Holden's Wolf - 15
  • Erik Bartek's Juggalo Ink - 61
  • Kim Nolan's Zodiak Symbol - 98
  • Total Votes - 25,257

A special thanks to Eric and the amazing crew at Danbury Tattoo & Piercing for sponsoring this year’s Tattoo Redo Contest. Danbury Tattoo & Piercing is located at 68 Mill Plain Rd. in Danbury, CT.

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