A Reddit user on the Danbury page by the name of FireyToots posted a plea for help or suggestions to the community page late last week.

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On Friday (10/1/21) she wrote the following:

"Good evening. I live in a not terrible part of town and about three months ago, we had a car take up residence idling with their lights on across from my apartment. Wasn’t a big deal, but after the drug deals started taking place was when I started to feel unsafe.

I’ve filed police reports; I’ve asked what the complex can do. What I really want is someone who is bigger and stronger than me (I’m a mid 30s lady….) to just go yell at them. If I do it but I’m sure I wouldn’t do any good than make me look crazy.

Let me say; I don’t care about the drugs. I care about the lights. If they were to sit in their car with their lights off, then I wouldn’t even notice their car being there! So I guess I’m asking, pleading if anyone has any similar experience, what works? What doesn’t. Help."

Now you might mock her for posting such a plea on Reddit but she got some great suggestions, like:

jomynow wrote:

"Hey u/fireytoots, this is an election year so I would bring this up on the pages of both candidates and see what the hell they do about it. That sucks my friend lives in a condo near Newtown road and there is way too much activity at night and its shaaaady.



 Good luck!"

Even better Fireytoots, I am going to ask the candidates myself on the Ethan and Lou Radio Show on I-95. Dean Esposito and Roberto Alves have been coming on our show each Friday leading up to the November 2 election and I will read your Reddit post to both of them directly.

I'm willing to bet the Police Department will reach out and be sniffing around your neighborhood soon after. If not, you can take the advice of redditburnerforme who wrote: "Just go out and buy all of their drugs. With nothing left to sell they would much rather be home."  Either way.

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