In most all cases, a minor league hockey team is just a minor league hockey team.

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In Danbury, the minor league hockey team became one the city's most infamous stories. The team was in existence for just two years (2004-2006) but fit a lot into that time. They had a rookie owner (James Galante), the team president (AJ Galante) was 17 years old at the time and the team was the most penalized in the league, by a lot.

The team is so fascinating they became part of an in-depth Sports Illustrated article that pulled back the curtain on the time period the Trashers were in existence. That article led to interest from Hollywood and whispers of a full-length documentary have been floating around for years. Back in 2018, Deadline said that Yellow Bear Films had acquired the rights.

While cruising through Reddit this morning, I found this:

Danbury Trashers! from r/extinct_hockey

That led me to the website and here we are. This is not a commercial, I'm a fan, I'm going to buy a shirt and I thought you might want to know that they are available.

Danbury Trashers
Danbury Trashers

I texted AJ Galante today to find out about the site and confirm that he, his company or his family are the ones selling the merchandise. He confirmed it saying:

"Yes this is our site we made official for re-released merch, etc."

I asked about the status of the film and AJ declined to comment. After that, we talked about the Raiders because we both have the same sickness, rooting for the Silver and Black.

I am confident that, if there is a film, we will be able to book him on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show to promote it and for him to give us extra insight into "Bad Boys" that once called Danbury Home.

AJ is now the owner of Champ's Boxing Club in Danbury. Champ's is located at 128 East Division Street in Danbury.

Sports Illustrated released a companion video to their article in 2016. WARNING: The video features swear words, so don't play if for your kid and then cry the blues to me that they've taken up cursing as a hobby. 

SI FILMS : Rise and Fall of Danbury Trashers from Vacationland Studio on Vimeo.

P.S. - I was not only a Danbury Trashers fan, I had some involvement with the team. During the Trashers run as the hottest ticket in Danbury, I was the Production Director at I-95.

A Production Director produces the commercials at a radio station. The Trashers were big advertisers and I produced all of their commercials. I was not the official radio voice of the Trashers, that distinction belongs to Tim Sheehan.

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