If you were a developer and owned this prime piece of real estate at the corner of Liberty and Delay Street in downtown Danbury, what would you build in this spot to benefit the City of Danbury?

That's the question Danbury officials will be asking before they choose the new property owner. In the city's bid document, officials made it clear they were searching for prospective buyers that can "execute a high-quality, financially-feasible project that advances the city’s vision," according to a News Times article.

This means the city will not sell to a developer who plans to keep the property as a parking lot or parking garage. Instead, Danbury city officials have made it clear they are encouraging plans that include ground-floor retail space and restaurants and residential accommodations on the upper story.

Photo Courtesy of the Danbury Ice Arena FB Page...
Photo Courtesy of the Danbury Ice Arena FB Page...

The Danbury Ice Arena is only a short walk away from the property up for sale at the corner of Liberty and Delay Street. With the return this October of our professional hockey team, the Danbury Hat Tricks, along with the continuation of the Downtown Danbury Streetscape Renaissance Project, City Center could experience a well-deserved reawakening.

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City officials plan to form a committee that will include Danbury's Planning Director to review the developer's proposals. Any interested developer must submit proposals by 2 PM July 14.

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