Each month health inspectors from the City of Danbury head out to grade area kitchens that are located in restaurants and supermarkets, then report on any violations.

During their February monthly inspection, C-Town on North Street in Danbury was cited with 15 health department violations that included dirty wiping cloths and unhygienic practices, to food not properly being protected in storage, in preparation and in display.

The supermarket was also written up for not properly protecting food from contamination or spoilage, which is the most serious violation, and resulted in an automatic failure.

Now many kitchens, even some of the cleanest can be cited, and according to newstimes.com, 16 of the kitchens that passed their February inspections were actually written up for minor violations. In order to pass, a location has to receive a score of 80 or higher, and the owners have to correct any of the minor violations immediately.

Since it failed it's current inspection, C-Town was fined $250 and ordered to correct the most serious violations within 24 hours, and they have up to two weeks to correct other demerits.

If you would like to get more information on the City's monthly inspections you can always visit their website at www.danbury-ct.gov.

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