I've always wondered what the hell I was looking at when I see graffiti. In a recent Youtube post from Strange Attractions, Danbury Police Officer, Kenny Utter, describes one local piece.

I'm here to tell you that if I had the artistic ability to create something like that (I don't), I'd be too lazy to learn the language. I'd be posting acronyms that make no sense and wait for it, they'd call me a genius.

Yeah, you just make it up after that fact, who is going to tell you that I.D.T.F.R.M. is not a thing? What is I.D.T.F.R.M.? Ummmmmmm, hmmm, oh yeah, it's "I dig turtles, for real man!" That also happens to be true, so it would be tough for someone to argue with it. Officer Utter continued on the subject.

That's an annoying process that the officer explains here, he basically had to learn a foreign language, has to chase kids around based on that language, find them and make them clean it. Big shout out to Officer Utter for his work. Now, let me see you solve this one Kenny, tell me who did this, find him and erase it.

Lou's phone (wait, no, not Lou's phone)
Lou's phone (wait, no, not Lou's phone)

Riddle me that lawman! Can you decipher these iron clad codes? Did they teach you how to deal with this one at the academy? I'll bet the answer is a profound no. You can subscribe to Strange Attractions, they have some pretty cool things on there, taking you deeper into worlds and situations you might otherwise not understand.

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