The Pew Research Center recently published the results of a survey that asked 7,900 police officers if they thought the media treated them unfairly.

According to, in police departments with 100 officers or more, 86% of those poled agreed that their jobs had become more difficult as a result of high profile deaths of  Americans during police encounters. The survey was conducted to gauge how police behavior in neighborhoods of color has affected their work.

According to the NewsTimes, interviews at the Danbury Police Department did not echo the results of the study. Danbury Police officials told the NewsTimes that the Department's relationships with Danbury's diverse communities is tight because of the many years of commitment to community policing. Police Chief, Patrick Ridenhour, stated in the article that when officers on their beats are interacting with the people in their communities, it helps to develop a level of respect.

Last year, Danbury was ranked as one of the most diverse in the country and is consistently ranked as one of the cities in Connecticut with the lowest crime rates. The Danbury Police Department should be congratulated on a job well done!

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