Feel good stories are something we can all use right now. Some of my favorite pieces to write up are the ones where the community comes together to help someone in need.

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This story is just along those lines. According to Danbury Police, on June 30, officers responded to a landlord/tenant dispute, where it was discovered that a single mother of four children was moving to a new address in Danbury, and needed help moving her belongings due to monetary issues. Coming together for a selfless and wonderful act, on July 7, Danbury Officers Hildebrand, Elste, Russotti, Lavallee and Det. Kupchok, along with family members and members of the Danbury Boy Scouts, all volunteered their time to help move the single mom and her four children out of their current bad living situation, into their new home.

Danbury Police Department
Danbury Police Department

A huge thank you to the Danbury Police for helping the community in every way they can. This is just one of many reminders that our Danbury officers are here to help. Sometimes, selfless acts like this can go unrecognized, and I hope that can change. More stories like this are what will make our world a little brighter. Bravo, Danbury Police, and Danbury Boy Scouts. Thank you for being such a helping hand in our community during times like this. It is much appreciated.

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