Mayor Mark Boughton and the City of Danbury have reached out to residents through Instagram with a very fun video, asking if we would like to bring an increasingly popular form of transportation to the Hat City.

Lime Scooters are now in dozens of cities in the US and internationally, allowing riders to unlock and ride with just a smartphone.

You don't even have to buy your own Lime Scooter, just use the Lime app to find a scooter in the city, pay, unlock the scooter, and then you just hop on and off you go. You can rent them by the hour, or by the day. The cost is relatively cheap to rent one -- it's $1 dollar to unlock the bike, then it's just 15 cents per minute. When you're done just leave the scooter at any docking station, re-lock it up, your app will ding, and then your credit card will be charged -- it's that simple.

So say Danbury decides to bring Lime Scooters to town. You would just have to check the map on the app for the scooter nearest you with the most full charge (it tells you what the battery life is or how far it will go). Once you find a bike, you unlock it, and then you can ride around the city, see the sites, or take it to and from work, and save some gas money.

The Lime Scooters can get up to speeds of almost 15 mph, and you must be 18 or older to ride, and yes, you must wear a safety helmet, (your own, so bring it with you).

In the video below, you can see Mayor Mark ready to roll on one of the scooters, posing the question -- "If you guys like these things, lets us know -- yes or no..."

Here's a quick tutorial on the operation of the Lime Scooter:

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