Angry parents who have special education students at Broadview Middle School would like to know why special ed teacher, Bill Herzog has been removed.

A controversial exchange between school administrators and parents broke out during this past Wednesday's school board meeting according to an article in the NewsTimes.

Parents who had kids in Herzog's class wanted to know the reason why the special ed teacher had been removed from the classroom. Herzog has been teaching special education at Broadview for the last 17 years. As parents tried to speak in favor of Herzog, they were interrupted and cut off by district administrators. Parent Greg Ciany told the administrators:

Shame on everyone of you to say we can't speak about our special needs son or daughter that's in that classroom. I'm not here to give any teacher a pat on the back, I'm here for my son, that's it!

Parents are claiming that the removal of Herzog from the classroom has upended their children's lives, some who have severe behavioral and educational needs. Board Chairman, Pat Johnston told the NewsTimes:

In this public forum , we can't have a conversation about members of our staff, their status, where they are in and out of the classroom.

For those who aren't aware of the role of a special education teacher, check out the following video.

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