Matchstick Productions is celebrating 30 years of producing adventure sports documentaries with the release of their new movie "Anywhere from Here."

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The film features legendary skiers like: Sam Kuch, Tonje Kvivik, Eric Hjorleifson, Markus Eder and Emily Childs, to name of few. The footage was shot on location in places like Alaska, British Columbia, Colorado and Oregon and it's won a massive array from awards.

The film's description reads:

"Matchstick Productions 2022 ski film explores this world of opportunities through the eyes of a 12 year-old freestyle phenomenon. Through his voice, the audience hears the skiing aspirations of such a 12 year-old, a kid who just wants to play and doesn’t have to ponder real life quite yet."

The movie will be presented as a special screening at the Danbury Palace Theatre this Saturday (11/26/22) at 8 pm. The event is sponsored by the Danbury Ski Club and tickets are on sale on the DPT website.

I used to be heavy into skiing when I was young, A few horrible knee injuries later, I had to give up on the sport that I loved. Even when I was skiing, it probably would not have occurred to me, to check out a skiing movie until I stumbled onto the trailer above.

When you see slow-motion aerial shots like that, you feel like you're there in your belly. People say movies move them all the time but that moved me in my belly.

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