I went searching for videos shot in the Hat City today, and I found quite a few. There's an elevator fan who has posted 50 videos of himself riding elevators at the Danbury Fair Mall. I will not show you those, but I will share these with you.

The first video is a car ride from Brookfield into Bethel, then to Danbury in 1989. It's really cool that as they approach civilization, you can see just how much it's changed over the years in this area.


I remember this day very well, August 28, 2011. Very heavy rains stalled right over the city, and dumped incredible amounts of water, completely flooding Federal Road. People in kayaks start appearing! It's a High-Def video that really captures the damage done by this powerful storm.

This third video is a long one, 21 minutes. But, if you are a child of the 60s and 70s, you'll love seeing all of the attractions at the 1971 Danbury Fair. Very cool that these old home movies have been saved.

I've heard so many stories about the Danbury RaceArena over the years. This video is basically an obituary for the place, but they do take a lap around the track, and you can see the grandstands and the layout very well.

This last video captures a huge supercell storm as it rolls over the Danbury Fair Mall. A group of storm chasing dudes perfectly capture this very powerful storm. It's wild to see a weather event that should take place in tornado alley, happen right here in Danbury.

I wish I owned a video camera growing up. The first time I recorded a movie with my phone I felt like Spielberg. Do you have any old movies that capture Danbury's past?

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