On Thursday Nov 12, 2020, Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton, joined us in his regular weekly guest spot. We asked the Mayor a hypothetical question, if he were Governor of CT, what would be his three-month plan to dig the Nutmeg State out of COVID trouble? This is how he responded:

"First of all, I would have made all schools go back, K-5. K through 5 only and distance learning for middle school and high school and slowly phase them in, depending upon what the infection rate was. 

I would let gyms stay open, in fact, I would order gyms to stay open 24/7 because people are losing their minds and we know that gyms have very low transmission rates so people could workout.

I would have stuck with the 9:30 curfew, if you will, on restaurants and try and limit people going out. I would try and figure out a way to allow small businesses to access funding to be able to make up the difference of all the money that they have been losing.

And, finally, I would try and mandate some kind of mask program, statewide and be serious about it and implement it, until we have a vaccine which is coming.

I just heard, the vaccine is coming, um, we are going to have to wait this thing out." 

I interrupted at this point and talked a bit about the vaccine and the rumored side effects. I also asked the Mayor more about this 9:30, now 10 PM statewide restaurant curfew.

I reminded him (Mayor Boughton) of his comment from the week before where he talked about giving more latitude to local health inspectors rather than the restaurant curfew. You can hear his answer in the full segment below.

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