As election day edges closer in Danbury, education will be one of the foremost issues for the candidates to address.

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Danbury faces highly publicized overcrowding issues in city schools, and the Hat City's youth population has continued to grow as other CT communities see theirs dwindle.

Dean Esposito is the Republican candidate in Danbury and is opposed by Democrat Roberto Alves. Alves released his 6 point education plan in a press release on Friday (9/17/21) that reads:

  • Use the unexpected increase of PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) funds from the state to help reduce the education funding gap

  • Apply ARP (American Rescue Plan) Funds to help address space and overcrowding issues, enrich academic environments with updated accessible technology, ensure building safety and health, strengthen community-school-family partnerships to support students, and makes sure that Danbury’s educational system is equitable for everyone

  • Take a broad and inclusive community-based approach to assess the needs, health, and conditions of Danbury Public Schools from building updates to repairs, educational supports, budgeting, and funding

  • Ensure that the Career Academy is completed on time and provides innovative, focused education to interested students, and hires qualified instructors to meet the growing needs of our community

  • Strengthen and add after-school programs geared towards youth engagement and learning in technological skill-building, STEM, music and the arts, tutoring, and specialized skill training and development especially for young children

  • Create a community-based strategy focused on recruiting and retaining ESL and Special Education teachers who are in high demand nationwide

Alves continued, "Our schools are filled with talented teachers, staff, and students, but if we want to keep up with student body growth and ensure that we deliver the best education we can to our youth, we must adequately and strategically fund them while keeping taxes down."

You can have an opportunity to hear both Roberto Alves and Dean Esposito share their ideas for Danbury this Friday (9/24/21) on the Ethan and Lou Show. This will not be a conference debate, each candidate will speak with Ethan and Lou in their own segment with Alves going first around 8:20 am and Esposito checking in around 8:50 am.

The Ethan and Lou Show will have both of them on, each week until late October. We believe this is the best way to get to know both men and get a sense for their ideas and personalities. Ours is not a political show but we feel it's an important service that we can provide the voters in Danbury.

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