It's everyone's worst nightmare -- a shooting inside a mall. Well, as has been widely reported, It happened a little over a week ago in Danbury, and now Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo had made some comments on the incident.

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We never think the worst when you spend an evening shopping at the mall, but on Wednesday evening, August 11, the Danbury Fair Mall became the site of the latest mall shooting. While a 15-year-old girl was seriously injured as the result of a gunshot wound to her upper chest, it's fortunate that no lives were lost, but it's also a scene we've seen play out far too many times across the country over the last few years.

Earlier this week, Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo was a guest on the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on our sister station i95, and he commented for the first time on the events of that evening, and the investigation that even though an arrest has been made, is still currently active.

What's the latest from the Danbury Police Department on the mall shooting investigation?

"It's an active investigation still, police continue to work, putting some of the pieces together. We sent out a press release a few days ago confirming that an arrest was made, and unbelievably, a 14-year-old is the suspected shooter. He has come forward and turned himself in to the police. He came the other day to the police department with his parents and his attorney."

So what exactly happened that night at Danbury Fair Mall, and how did you, as Mayor, handle the situation?

"It appears that it was just two groups that unfortunately met, had some words, and those words led to a 14-year-old pulling out a gun and firing at someone. It's unconscionable to me that it would be a possibility here in Danbury, we just don't have those sort of things here. It's just troubling.

I was in contact with the Danbury Police Chief from the moment he got called about the incident. We were having a discussion as he was on his way to the scene, and we had both seen what was happening and being said on Facebook. I was actually very discouraged by many of the comments from people, the rumors that were being posted, it was atrocious. There were so many things that were said on social media that were untrue, so I have to give a lot of credit to the Danbury Police Department.

They got a call at about 7:02 PM for this incident, they responded with all officers available, and asked our local partners for help, which is a plan they always have in place for large scale events like this. By around 9:05 PM, the first press release was out by the PD, with all the accurate information. In that two-hour time, they were able to safely work on evacuating the mall. They were also able to assure that the shooter was not in the mall anymore and didn't pose a threat to anyone else."

Are you pleased with the way the Danbury PD handled the situation at the mall that night and the subsequent investigation?

"The logistics of such a large scale event like this, and to do such a great job to be able to have information to the public in just two hours, I have to commend the department and Chief Ridenhour. I'm very proud of the work those officers do every day. The event could have been a lot worse, but I'm grateful that a suspect is in custody, and now it's time to work on why this shooting actually happened."

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