Fairfield County & the City of Danbury have been particularly hard hit during this health crisis and Mayor Mark Boughton continues to keep the community informed on all public safety efforts. Yesterday (3/25/20) he did his most recent address to the residents on Facebook from his office in City Hall.

He let the youngsters have it there at the end by telling them they are killing their grandparents but that is what it boils down to, this is a real possibility. If some of the young people in our community cannot wrap their heads around the seriousness of this health crisis, people are going to die that didn't need to.

It's time to send a clear message that there is nothing funny about sending your kids out to interact in small, medium or large groups to play sports on city fields and parks, to throw parties, etc. To get back to normal and keep everyone as safe as possible we need to shelter up and fast.

P.S. I know it's killing Mark to have to be this serious, he's a funny guy and loves to joke around and he can't right now. If this were a regular address, under normal circumstances he'd end a video like this one with a Michael Scott reference, "you have one day, one day." 

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