Roberto Alves is challenging sitting Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito for the keys to City Hall.

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On Tuesday (8/8/23), Alves was our guest on the I-95 Morning Show and said:

"You know, I'm trying to stay as engaged as I can with everything I'm involved in but we give this campaign the full attention it absolutely deserves and nobody is going to outwork us."

Just days later (8/11/23), we spoke with Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito and asked him about those comments.

I-95: Speaking of Roberto Alves, he was on the show on Tuesday and he said "no one is going to outwork us, what do you have to say to that? 

Esposito: "Roberto, I don't know him really well but I know he's an aggressive campaigner, he proved that in the last election when I beat him. The reality is we've been in this job now for over a year and a half and I'm focused on the job right now. So, it's a little bit of a different scenario for me because I'm actually the sitting Mayor now and last time it was an open seat. Our goals are always the same to continue to provide the services for the citizens of the city and you know Mr. Alves is going to say anything he has to say to get elected. Unfortunately, he seems the type to speak on different issues that he really isn't given the full facts. It's a little upsetting to me but we'll get through it, the campaign will move forward and it'll get a little more heated up. Heated up meaning, we're going to state our case and the people I think the people of Danbury see that my efforts are there. What do we always say? Actions speak louder than words. My actions have proven that I'm focused on the job and getting the best possible scenario for the citizens of this city." 

(L) - Alves (R) - Esposito
(L) - Alves
(R) - Esposito

I-95: You both are in a unique position, it's a small enough city that you would think there wouldn't be so much press but there is a lot of it. So, anytime one of you says something, someone is asking the other about it and you have to answer to it. It can end up looking a lot more contentious than it actually is.. 

Esposito: "You're absolutely right Lou. One of the biggest concerns is my opponent, he makes a lot of statements but he has no substance, in my opinion and I think the people are going to see that. It's more, it's a lot more than just complaining about the other guy and accusing him of not being transparent or not being honest. Those types of things, of course they hurt me but the reality is you have to have a thick skin. Those kinds of statements have nothing backing it up. He hasn't, what am I doing so wrong? What do you think I'm not doing right? And, he doesn't come up with an alternative so for me it's just he's kind of desperate to find something to hit me with. I think the people of this city realize that my goal is simple, to keep the people of the city moving forward in a positive direction."  

Dean Esposito
Dean Esposito

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