Teachers Appreciation Week ended on Friday (5/12/23) and along the way several Danbury educators were honored for their hard work and dedication to their students.

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We spoke to Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito on Friday (5/12/23) about the school budget for '23-24 and could not miss the opportunity to shout out some of these folks.

Lou: Dr. Keshia Smith-Davis was named Principal of the Year in Connecticut for her work at Great Plain Elementary, she is awesome!

Mayor Esposito: "We're very proud of her for that accomplishment, definitely."

Lou: She's so fun, speaking of dancing, any time they have one of those assemblies when the parents come, she cranks up the music and gets the party going at Great Plain.

Mayor Esposito: "That is always good because when you get everybody pumped up the kids they enjoy it, they have fun and they see that they can all have fun together and have a teacher that tells you no, no. no but tells you or here's how you do it. We're very proud of her for that award."

Lou: And Christine Miller won Danbury Teacher of the Year and she works at Broadview and she's great.

Listen to our school district budget conversation below.

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According to Hamlet Hub, the official honor for Dr. Keshia Smith-Davis was the Connecticut Association of Schools’ (CAS) 2023 Elementary School Principal of the Year. The Patch says Christine Miller was named Danbury Public Schools’ 2023 Teacher of the Year.

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