According to the News Times, Al Almeida will run for Danbury Mayor in November on the Democratic ticket.

Almeida is a war veteran and immigrant. He opposes incumbent, Mark Boughton, who seeks his ninth term as Danbury's Mayor. The article says that Almedia struck the first blow at Boughton by saying:

Danbury has unlimited potential, and the mayor is looking at other opportunities and neglecting the city.

Here is what Mark had to say about it this morning on the Ethan and Lou Show:

I love Mayor Mark. We have developed quite the bromance over the years. I know he will run a formidable campaign. I also know that running against a guy wearing a beret and war medals will not be easy. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Boughton, as we all know is testing the waters on running for Governor, so he may be fighting a war on two fronts soon.

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