Some will shout it in public, others will say it on social media and another group is only willing to whisper to friends, but a growing number of people are expressing the opinion that COVID-19 isn't real.

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These people will typically share a conspiracy theory to support their argument, but Danbury, CT's mayor wants you to know that this health crisis is very real, and if you need someone else's word Mark Boughton encourages you to ask Danbury's funeral directors, you can listen to the full interview below.

I'm more hooked into the opinions of strangers than most people will ever be in my many roles here at the radio station, and I know that this sentiment is growing. As a person who looks for conspiracy theories myself, I can appreciate the "question everything" ideology.

When I hear from someone that certain political groups and or business sectors could stand to benefit from a health crisis like this one, I can actually see it. I can picture mass deception because I don't trust the leadership in this country to tell us the truth.

All that said, people are sick and dying, the Mayor's point is a cutting one in its simplicity; It's like on the playground when a kid asks, "Where were you Saturday?" and the other person replies, "Why don't you ask your mom?"

OK, maybe it's nothing like that, but he raises an excellent challenge. If you truly believe COVID-19 is fake for whatever reason, you should ask a funeral director, nurse or a doctor what they think, and see if your opinion changes after that.

I'm really sick of talking about this -- it's not all that interesting and for now, I think we've milked all the angles. I've found a new way of living life that I'm OK with. I take sanitary precaution always, have reduced the circle of people I interact with and hope for a better day. What else can you do? I guess you could pull off your mask, ignore health guidelines and get in constant confrontations in public, but that's not for me.

I'm doing my level best to not use COVID-19 and its ancillary themes as talking points on the radio show and in my writing, but you people won't allow me to. Every time I attempt to dig for the stories and ideas that have nothing to do with the topic, in an effort to provide a distraction, you pull me right back in.

Listen to Mayor Mark's complete interview about said conspiracy theories here:

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