Youtube video posted on June 10, 2021 that prompted an internal investigation by the Danbury Police Department.

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The video, which has racked up over 70,000 views, is titled VIOLATION OF RIGHTS BY TYRANTS AT THE LIBRARY! LAWSUIT FILED! 1A AUDIT FAIL! 

The video's description reads, "I was peacefully exercising my constitutional rights at the Danbury, CT. Public Library. As soon as I entered the building I was approached by security and told I couldn't film it was against policy. I refused to shut off my camera or leave so security called Danbury PD. When the officers arrived they were extremely rude and gave unlawful orders and eventually used the threat of arrest to violate my 1st Amendment right to film in public and my 4th Amendment right of search & seizure. Under Threat of arrest I left the Library and provided my ID. Connecticut is one of the most corrupt states I've ever been in! I have already filed a notice of intent to sue with the City Clerk and I have filed formal complaints against all tyrants involved. If you feel the need to redress your government regarding these officers actions, which is your right, below is the relevant contact information."

While the Danbury Police have their internal investigation underway, which you can read all about here, the Youtuber was not ticketed, not arrested and is not under investigation.

We spoke to Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo Thursday (6/17/21) on the Ethan and Lou Show to get his take on the divisive issue.

I told the Mayor that I believe we have complex issues in America having to do with the police, and I don't believe that a divisive tactics are how we solve any problem that is this sensitive to this magnitude. I also told the Mayor I believe this man went in with a predetermined agenda, that he embarrassed the Department and he was extremely disrespectful.

I asked the Mayor his opinion and this is how he responded:

"So, you know, I think I'd have to agree with you Lou, I think that certain people, you know just have to be antagonistic for some self-serving purpose.

You know, I don't believe that there is any benefit that comes from things like this. Our police officers are, were not familiar with the building use policies at either the library or City Hall. Nor would I expect them to be familiar with every building use policy throughout the City. And, so, this gentleman claims that he was within his first amendment rights to film.

Certainly there's a lot of complexity to 1st amendment law but our city buildings; library, certain places in the City are considered to have limited public use and basically, what that comes down to is, you can pretty much do whatever you want in those buildings, providing it runs along the lines of the use of that building. So, let's just take the library for example.

You can go into the library to checkout electronic media, you can go into to checkout a book. If you are going there to film, the policy is the building's policy, and if the buildings policy says don't film or no photography, you know, there's a reason why they have that, and, they have the right to enforce that, and so, I'll disagree with this Youtuber, that you know, he has unlimited, unfettered rights. I mean, I've talked to legal council throughout the last week, we discussed this issue and there is not a great belief that he is on the right side of this."

These are extremely sensitive topics and I hope the local dialogue plays out in a respectful manner. I'll disagree with Mayor Cavo, in that, I think the law will probably be on the side of the Youtuber.

I will also say, again, I think this is a terribly negative way to make a change. The Youtube personality was horribly disrespectful to the law enforcement officers, intentionally. We are desperately in need of a new way to disagree in America, the current method is not working. How we make our point on social and political issues matters.

The entire interview with Mayor Cavo can be heard by clicking on the video player at the top of this page and I hope you click it, and listen.

This is the video of the encounter police had with the man who called cops "tyrants."

This is how the Youtube personality reacted after learning members of the Danbury P.D. were under investigation for their role in the Library incident.

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