A Youtube video posted on June 10, 2021 has prompted an internal investigation by the Danbury Police Department.

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The video is titled "VIOLATION OF RIGHTS BY TYRANTS AT THE LIBRARY! LAWSUIT FILED! 1A AUDIT FAIL!" The video has 30,000 + views at the moment. (VIDEO BELOW) 

The video's description reads:

"I was peacefully excersizing my constitutional rights at the Danbury, CT. Public Library. As soon as I entered the building I was approached by security and told I couldn't film it was against policy. I refused to shut off my camera or leave so security called Danbury PD. When the officers arrived they were extremely rude and gave unlawful orders and eventually used the threat of arrest to violate my 1st Amendment right to film in public and my 4th Amendment right of search & seizure. Under Threat of arrest I left the Library and provided my ID. Connecticut is one of the most corrupt states I've ever been in! I have already filed a notice of intent to sue with the City Clerk and I have filed formal complaints against all tyrants involved. If you feel the need to redress your government regarding these officers actions, which is your right, below is the relevant contact information."

Exercising was spelled incorrectly by the Youtube user.

The Danbury Police Department has seen the video and reacted. Danbury Police Chief Partrick Ridenhour said the following in a statement released (6/10/21):

"The circulating Youtube video showing several Danbury Police Officers investigating an incident at the Danbury Librabry on June 9, 2021 has been brought to our attention. I have since watched the video.

While it is fortunate that there were no arrests or injuries, I do have significant concerns about the manner in which the incident was handled by responding officers and supervisor. I am sure these concerns are shared by many in our community.

As such I have ordered an immediate investigation by our Internal Affairs Division, which will include, at a minimum, a review of any applicable laws, analysis of the video, as well as footage from our recently purchased body cameras, and any other relevant information."

The man in the Youtube video has a Youtube channel called: "Long Island Audit." The Channel features content similar to the video he posted of and about this Danbury incident at the library. He's heard of Chief Ridenhour's statement and released a video reaction to that.

The man in the video was not ticketed/arrested and is not under investigation. We will continue to follow the story as it develops and will bring any/all content related to the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on 95.1 FM and streaming on the I-95 Rock Mobile app.

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