Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo joined the Ethan and Lou radio show in his regular weekly segment on Thursday (8/19/21) to share some sad news.

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The city's scheduled San Gennaro festival set for the fall will be postponed until fall of 2022 due to a rise in positive COVID-19 tests. Mayor Cavo had this to say about the event being shutdown:

"Sadly, about a week ago the organizers of the event came to me and said, you know Mayor, we are getting very concerned about the COVID numbers and what is happening across the state. And as of yesterday, Fairfield County went into high transmission zone for a number of cases transmitted here.

We went into the red zone for that, and as projected by the health experts, things were not looking really great for having a healthy San Gennaro Festival. There was a lot of conversation and discussion about what the possibilities are and what are responsibility is to the community and they felt tremendously concerned about their responsibility to the community.

So, they said that they would prefer to postpone the San Gennaro Festival to next fall. We had great hopes that this would be us coming out of COVID, but this virus has been so unpredictable and so hard to keep a handle on, you know predictions on it.

Our worst fears are coming true, the numbers are climbing, hospitalizations are up I had to ask people last week to start wearing masks again in public spaces. I didn't want to do it, but these are not easy decisions and I have a lot of other people to think of when it comes to these mask requirements, so in the end we made a decision that collectively was probably the best choice and we are just going to postpone to the San Gennaro Festival till next September." 

I spoke to event organizer Jimmy Galante who added:

"This was a Galante family decision which the administrator agreed with. We do not want our first event to be known as a super spreader event. The Galante family was putting on San Gennaro for the community, and the community's health and well-being is more important than the festival."  

So, it's more of a rescheduled event than anything, pushed back a year and while it's sad, it's better than someone possibly getting sick at the event and dying.

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