As has been the case with all of the notable events throughout the dumpster fire that is the year 2020 A.D., Danbury's Mayor Mark Boughton has taken to social media to inform the city's residents. This time, it's all about the affects that Tropical Storm Isaias has had on our local area.

Following a tornado warning, high winds and heavy rain caused a decent amount of damage to the Danbury area on Tuesday afternoon (August 4), and as of this writing, more than 12,545 city homes are without power, according to Eversource.

In a series of Tuesday tweets, Mayor Mark addressed the storm's affects in real-time, first explaining that as of 2:10 PM, there were 17 reportedly downed trees in Danbury, a number which has likely increased since then.

As for the "busy night," the mayor eluded to, he soon followed-up by addressing the fact that power outages were plaguing most of the city and that we had "quite a mess" on our hands, urging residents to remain patient.

From there, the mayor explained that a transformer had blown out on Main St., Middle River is a complete mess, and that Mill Plain Rd. is closed as of 4:56 PM.

Even Richter Park's driving range took some damage, disrupting one of the few recreational activites available to the residents of the Danbury area in this socially distanced climate.

These reports from Danbury come just about an hour after a partially collapsed building in downtown Bethel triggered a gas leak, which caused an entire block to be evacuated. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported following the collapsed roof.

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