It was the talk of the city when the first event happened, and now there will be another round of COVID-19 take-home tests distributed to city residents but it will look a lot different this time around.

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We spoke to Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito on Friday (1/22/22) and asked the Mayor if there will be a second COVID-19 test distribution event in Danbury, this is what he had to say:

"I think there will be, I just heard yesterday, they were going to reallocate more testing for it, you know, to bring them to Danbury. But, our distribution is going to be a little bit different through the Health Department and we're going to have social services in different areas provide the service of handing them out. That was the last feedback I got from our Health Director Tara Prunty who is outstanding, you know, she does a great job."

We followed up for more details from City Hall and spoke to The Mayor's Director of Government Affairs and Communication John Kleinhans who told us:

"We received more test kits but we are partnering with non-profits and our partners to get them out strategically to vulnerable populations. We're not dong a big distribution event like what we do about two weeks ago."

During our conversation, Kleinhans did mention a specific organization The Senior Center as being one of the organizations that will be getting tests to distribute, he also added "it's just being strategic" and getting them to folks "over 60."

Seniors were just one of the groups who'd be able to take advantage of the COVID-19 tests. As always, COVID-19 information can be accessed on the city's Department of Health & Human Services portal on the Danbury website and the City has released a phone number for COVID questions which is (203)797-4625

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