CT Governor Ned Lamont came to Danbury, CT on Friday (2/11/22) for a ribbon cutting ceremony at Western Connecticut State University.

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According to CT.Gov, the ceremony was to celebrate the launch of the Naugatuck Valley Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center. The Governor was joined by a team of guests that made the project come together, including Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito.

Esposito joined the Ethan and Lou Show the following Friday (2/18/22) and we asked about his time with the Governor. We were wondering if there were any topics of discussion that were not related to the new Tech Center at West Conn. Esposito responded by saying:

"Yeah that was an exciting day, last Friday. The Governor was in town for a ribbon cutting over at the University. So he asked if he could stop up and go over a few things with us and it was very, I was honored to have him here.

And, I threw down on him, just so you know, as far as any support he can give us here in Danbury. Obviously, we have the Career Academy going, we've got the Charter school going, we've got the homeless shelter going and those are issues that he can help with his support. And, he was willing to give us support, as much as he can."

State funding was a recurring theme during Esposito's mayoral campaign. I remember him speaking about this several times, suggesting that Danbury does not get a fair share of state funding. I reminded the Mayor of our earlier conversations on the matter and he replied:

"We get a share of it but over the last few years, we were the number one tax sender of money up to the state from our sales tax. I just thought it should be a fairer distribution to the City of Danbury because we generate a lot of money and send it up there, we need our fair share back."

Check out the Ethan & Lou Show every Friday at 9:20 to hear more from Danbury Mayor Dean Esposito.

Visual Guide of Mark Twain's Redding + Hartford , CT Homes and Years

Mark Twain lived in CT for nearly 20 years, he owned homes in Hartford and Redding. Twain even purchased a second Redding home for his daughter. During his CT years he wrote classics like; "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court."

Each week on the Ethan and Lou Radio Show we are joined in the studio by Mike Allen for a segment we call: "The Place You Live." Mike brings his research findings with him and shares another amazing local story, this week, it was all about Mark Twain's ties to the Constitution State. This is a visual guide of Mark Twain's footprint on Connecticut.

Danbury’s Betty Ann Medeiros Idealizes Local Area with Paint and Nostalgia

Her name is Betty Ann Medeiros, she is from Danbury, CT and she’s extremely gifted. Betty Ann has been painting since her college days at Western Connecticut State University and it’s her passion.
After I saw her work, I introduced myself and asked a lot of questions. I wanted to know why she paints the subject matter she does, and what inspires her? Betty Ann explained it in more detail saying:
“I love where I live and what this whole greater Danbury area has to offer. I am inspired to paint the beautiful landscape that I see around me and capture them in paint which cements these images in my mind. I love being outdoors on a gorgeous day and am attracted to the ponds, lakes, rivers, paths, trees, and rocks that are abundant. With all the craziness in the world right now people just want to remember the good times, where they hung out as kids, fun times with friends, perfect days on the lake, etc. Many of my paintings have an idyllic look and people like them because they are more of a nostalgic version of the past.”
Her agenda is effective, she has the talent to get people to look, and presents a purity that nostalgic folks like myself, look for. Below are pictures of just some of Betty Ann’s amazing work. I hope you like it as much as I do. 

Snapshots from Danbury's WestConn Colonials Football Team for 2021

These are some of the photos from the Danbury Colonials College Football team recap video for the 2021 season. WestConn football's 2021 season is in the books, the team went 5-5 on the year but finished strong. 

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