Earlier this week, Sharon Calitrol, Danbury's Planning Director revealed plans for what  Danbury could be after a year-long study wrapped up.

The study was state funded and the results are very pretty. The proposal is chock full of initiatives, incentives and wonderful ideas that could make Downtown Danbury a destination for both residents and "out of towners."

This is all anyone could talk about around the city this week. It was a big topic of conversation on the Ethan and Lou Show, was the featured story for all the local papers and was the topic of a wonderful blog post by Ethan Carey. We wanted to ask Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton how realistic it all was and did just that, this morning:

I can't find a bad thing to say about attempting to a make a place, a better place, so I won't. If the city is able to achieve some of the goals laid out in the plan, we will all be better for it.

I'm not often optimistic, but I am very confident that Danbury has a bright future. I'm confident because I know some of the people who are on the front lines fighting to make it a nicer place to live. They are good eggs.

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