Imagine that your favorite restaurant, entertainment venue, and favorite shops are all within walking distance.

Danbury's Planning Director, Sharon Calitrol has been laying the groundwork for a revitalization program for downtown Danbury. Over the last year, a comprehensive study has laid out renewal plans for dozens of initiatives and incentives to make Danbury's wonderfully diverse downtown area an attraction for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

The section of Danbury that's being targeted, according to a recent transit-oriented development study, is the downtown area that's within a 10-minute walk of the Danbury Train Station - an area bordered by Western CT State University to the north, City Hall to the southwest and Elmwood Park to the south.

Danbury TOD Study Vision
Danbury TOD Study Vision

Some of the initiatives proposed by the revitalization study include:

  • Incentives to build new restaurants and businesses in the Ives St. corridor.
  • Improvements to parks, plazas, and intersections.
  • $27 million transit center at the Danbury Train Station.

To find out all the details about what great things could be in store for downtown Danbury in the future,check out the full study.

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