The City of Danbury has alerted residents of the potential to experience a few hurricane-like conditions in our local area today.

In a citywide emergency outreach message from Mayor Mark Boughton, Danbury residents are asked to secure any outdoor items and to check all windows. "We expect trees to come down and we expect sporadic power outages throughout Danbury," said Boughton. "Please prepare now. Thank you."

According to the National Weather Service, a high wind warning remains in effect for our area until 6:00 PM this evening and that we can see south winds at speeds of 25 to 35 miles per hour and gusts potentially reaching up to 65 miles per hour.

The NWS suggests that:

people should avoid being outside in forested areas and around trees and branches. If possible, remain in the lower levels of your home during the windstorm, and avoid windows. Use caution if you must drive.

Additionally, a flood advisory has been issued for Fairfield County, New London County, New Haven County and Middlesex County. If you should come upon a flooded area while driving, drivers are advised to turn around and to not attempt to drive into the flooded area.

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