The announcement of this Danbury man's appointment came via the state capital back in January. As of March 1st it became official with his swearing in ceremony.

There is no finer dedication to your country than to serve and keep us free. After your military service ends, you and your family should always feel as if your country has your back. To that end, the Department of Veterans Affairs, is an incredibly important office.

Back in Jan. we shared this story about Thomas J. Saadi of Danbury.

The announcement was posted on the CT Veterans Affairs Facebook page as Saadi was sworn in as as Commissioner of the Department of Veterans Affairs

You can get more information about the department as well as the link to download the CT Veterans mobile app at

When my dad was alive, he was a Danbury Hatter for a period of time. This was a particularly proud moment for me when Saadi unveiled the Hatter's Monument in Danbury back in 2016

Congratulations again to Danbury's Thomas J. Saadi on this very important appointment.

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