The data is out and Danbury saw a 21 percent decrease in the major crime rate during 2020.

While many major cities saw some of the biggest increases in major crime during the last year, Danbury saw a sharp decrease as a total of 703 crimes in eight major categories were reported in 2020, compared to the 891 major crimes in 2019.

Now some may say the pandemic and the lockdowns had an affect on the crime rate as less people were out during the last year, but Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo told that it's the Police Department's relationship with the community that made the difference.

I must applaud Chief Ridenhour and the Danbury Police Department for their community policing approach. It’s that continued leadership that allows us to remain one of the safest cities in Connecticut.


The latest decrease in crime is even more impressive when you look at data from the last few years in which Danbury has seen double digit decreases in five of the last six years. Cavo commented that it just adds to the reputation of Danbury being one of the safest cities in Connecticut.

The crime rates are certainly an attractive draw for new businesses and families who want to move into Danbury. We take great pride in being a safe city with a business-friendly community.

The monthly data tracks crime in different categories including murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, theft, car theft, and arson.

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