I've seen this sign many times on a liquor store in Danbury but never gave it much thought but now is the time to overthink things just like this. The store is right on Padanaram Road in Danbury and they make a pretty bold claim about how cold their beers are. I saw it over the weekend and wondered aloud in the parking lot, where did I get my coldest beer?

I know where I had my warmest beer, in fact it was downright hot. I has dug a Busch Light out of the trunk of my Plymouth Sundance RS while kicking back some beers with friends on Ice Pond Road in Brewster, NY. That was not only the hottest beer I've ever had but the worst beer ever.

After some deep reflection I remember that I've had many freezing cold beers at Kelly's Corner in Brewster so if we were limiting this to bars only Kelly's would have to be the king of ice cold beers. If it's simply the coldest of all time that came from my grandpa Al's fridge.

I was living in Florida at the time (Florida, you say!?) and my grandpa asked me to help him shutter up his neighbors home ahead of a hurricane. We spent the day in 100 degree heat applying metal covers to the neighbors windows and doors. We were pinned between the woman's trees and the exterior walls of her house being eaten alive by bugs. He called these bugs "no-see em's." He said they call them that because "you no see em'." You do however feel these nasty little critters.

After hours of working in the heat/humidity, getting chewed up by bugs, bloodying our knuckles and swearing he said enough was enough. We were going to end our long day of terrible work and pick back up tomorrow. We walked across the street, soaked in sweat, cracked open his garage fridge and he handed me a beer. I'll never forget this beer, it was the coldest Budweiser in the history of Planet Earth. This beer is responsible for me not drinking beer anymore, no beer could ever be that refreshing again and I'd spend my life chasing that high.

Who does your beers just right? Which person or establishment gave you the coldest beer you've ever had? GO!

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