It's a question many Danbury residents start asking every fall, when is the city coming to pick up my leaves?

Here's the answer to that question. The city of Danbury will begin their leaf pick up on Monday (October 19), and will continue for six weeks until Friday, November 27.

Some other things you need to know according to the City of Danbury website, only bagged leaves in paper leaf bags should be used, and should be left curbside.

The bags should not be taped, and should not include large debris like bulky brush, tree stumps, no grass should be put into the bags, no rocks, garbage, or animal waste, either.

If you're looking to get rid of any branches that may have fallen during the recent storms we had, they will be picked up separately, and must be cut into lengths no longer than four feet, and not larger than four inches in diameter. Branches must also be bundled and tied. No bundle should be heavier than 35 pounds.

The full bags should be put out on Sunday night for the Monday morning pick ups

The leaf pick up program will be divided into sections, with I-84 being the dividing line. Section A is south of I-84, or the 06810 zip code, and section B is north of I-84, or the 06811 zip code.

Section A will have the first pick up starting on October 19, and it will continue through October 23. Section B will be collected the week after. This weekly rotation will continue through the end date for pick up which is November 27.

Just remember, weather and the Highway Department's work schedule may effect the pick up dates. If you have any questions, or want to confirm the dates your scheduled for pick up, you can call the City 311 line, or 203-744-4311.

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