Emily Todd of Bethel still owed two years of lease payments on her car when she was shot and killed last month.

Emily's murder suspect reportedly stole her car and her family had no interest in seeing the car ever again, but they knew she still had two years worth of lease payments owed to Danbury Kia. That's when Emily's Uncle, Greg Henry, drove to Danbury Kia to speak with the general sales manager, Sal Sinardi, to explain what had happened.

As Henry explained the circumstances of his niece's death, Sinardi began to tear up and got very emotional. Sinardi then told the News Times he went outside to check Emily's car for any damage and how many miles the car had been driven. After hearing the horrible circumstances of Emily Todd's death, he knew he couldn't let her Uncle Greg take the car back home. Sinardi then proceeded to tell Henry that the dealership would purchase the car outright and there would be no other payments due. Henry went on to tell the News Times:

My friend and I just stared at each other unable to get a word out for what seemed an eternity. This was contrary to what I was prepared for. In my mind, I had gone over the conversations that I was planning on having in hopes that someone would work out some way to lessen the blow to my sister Jenn and brother-in-law Tommy.

Emily Todd was shot to death on December 9 on Seaview Ave. in Bridgeport. Brandon Roberts has confessed to the shooting. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family.

I applaud Sal Sinardi from Danbury Kia for the kindness he extended to the Emily Todd's family.

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