With all the cities and towns in America, it's quite an accomplishment to be recognized as one of the Top 100 places to live.

In the latest "Best Places To Live In America" list put out by livability.com, there are some major cities around the country listed, so to have Danbury included and placed at number 85 in the Top 100, is a pretty big achievement.

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Even Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo told us he was very impressed with the ranking. "You put a city with 85,000 people in a category with cities with up to a million residents, and you pair us out with the factors they use, and we come in at number 85 out of 100, I can say I'm pretty happy with that."

So just how did livability.com come up with their latest list? They analyzed more than 1,000 small to mid-sized cities on factors like safety, affordability, economic stability, outdoor recreation, accessibility, and community engagement. Plus the site asked respondents if they had a choice to work from anywhere, which of the factors listed would be most heavily considered if they were choosing to relocate.

Mayor Cavo obviously was impressed with the ranking given the fact of all the criteria that was measured. "Every once in a while, these studies come out and they base it on several different factors and this particular one decided that Danbury, out of over 1000 cities, was the 85th most livable." Cavo also noted the scope and magnitude of who else was on the list. "I went through all 100 and I was pretty impressed, they are all really big cities, and I was very impressed with who we were included with, I was happy about that. Anytime we get some positive press about Danbury, it always gives me a reason to pause and reflect and think about what we're doing, and how we're doing it."

Here's what the article said about Danbury:

#85. Danbury, CT

Located in Western Connecticut on the state line with New York, Danbury is a historic city nestled among the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. Known for its prominence in the hat-making industry in the late-19th and early-20th century, today Danbury is home to 84,000 diverse residents, great shopping, tons of parks and open spaces, top-notch health care and lots of arts and entertainment options.

The article also went on to list some of the local  businesses and landmarks that were incorporated into the methodology when deciding a cities ranking:

Top Colleges/Universities: Western Connecticut State University

Top Industries & Employers: Pharmaceuticals, aerospace, health care and finance

Weekend Plans: Shopping the more than 180 stores at Danbury Fair Mall or ice skating at Danbury Ice Arena.

Favorite Place to Feast: Hanna's which serves up delicious Middle Eastern/Lebanese dishes like stuffed grape leaves and gyros.

Beloved Beverage: The small-batch craft beers from Charter Oak Brewing, named for a legendary Connecticut oak that helped the state maintain some of its independence under British rule.

Outdoorsy Activity: Hike the many trails at Bear Mountain, a 140-acre park that’s dog-friendly.

Why Your Pet Will Love It, Too: Your pup will love exploring the grounds of Tarrywile Park and Mansion, a 722-acre park with ponds, hiking trails, picnic areas and campsites.

Remote Work Perk: Danbury is home to tons of great coffee shops where you can camp out with your laptop, grab a morning or afternoon pick-me-up or network with other local professionals. Mothership on Main, Rumors and Grounds Donut House are a few local favorites.

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