Those of you who listen to the Ethan and Lou show, or know me personally, know I love Danbury. That said, however, the traffic is just bananas — you can keep it.

Yesterday, I had to drive from Germantown Rd. to the Deer Hill Avenue area, and then to the Federal Road area. It took 35 minutes.

Now, I'm no transportation expert, but I feel like that's an excessive amount of time to be behind the wheel considering I only had to make like a 6-mile trip. And it's not just the lights or the traffic patterns that make it a tough commute. It's the driving styles that I think are most to blame for the gridlock in Danbury.

If someone is not cutting you off, they are changing their mind (their lane) at the last second. You have people in the left lane trying to make a left turn on Federal Road that don't pull the trigger when they should. You have morons weaving in and out of lanes.

Then, there is the newest thing in dopey driving that I have seen a lot of Danbury drivers doing. This is a right turn and the person goes from speeding to unusually slow. They make a right turn into a HUGE production. This has the people behind them, who can't take it anymore weaving into the left lane to get around them at the last second.

If we are going to get places in a reasonable amount of time on these terrible roads, we have to start working together. This thing needs to be more of a symphony and less of a cluster f--k. Let's get it together, y'all. The veins in my head are trying to escape, it's far too stressful.

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