Police have released more information regarding a current homicide investigation in Danbury.

The Danbury Police Department has identified 33-year-old Jason James Lowry Hoffman of Brewster, NY as the victim of Wednesday morning's reported homicide at Sterling Woods, a quiet condominium complex in Danbury set back on Silversmith Dr. on the corner of Nabby Rd. and Palmer Rd., near the Stew Leonard's Section of Federal Rd.

Through an autopsy conducted on Thursday (September 5), the State of Connecticut's medical examiner has ruled the cause of death to be a gunshot to the upper torso. A pistol was reportedly located just a few feet away from the crime scene, but it has not yet been determined whether or not that particular gun was involved in the homicide. An analysis of the weapon is pending.

While the Danbury Police Department has interviewed several people regarding the matter, they say that the person or persons responsible for the murder have not yet been identified or charged as of this writing. Police do note, however, that despite the fact that information is currently limited, investigators believe that Jason Hoffman was visiting a friend at the local condo complex when his life was taken.

As previously reported, police have "no reason to believe that any other members of the community are at risk of harm." Investigators also say that based on the information they do have, there was a motive behind the incident and that it wasn't a random homicide.

This is a developing story and we'll be sure to keep you updated as more information rolls in.

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