There's a mouse in the house, or many, in this case.

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That is the issue for one Danbury Homeowner who took to Reddit to see if others were encountering the same issue. u/humanagain12 shared the following post on the Danbury Reddit page a few months back:

"I know someone with a new house built 3 years having mice coming in. (Problem fixed doing a completely mice seal proof around the entire house) Another house not even a year old mice issues! And also of course the older homes."

Here are some of the comments:


"Well, if the good fairy would just let little bunny Foo-Foo do what he wanted, we wouldn’t have this problem!"

Few-Information 7570:

"It’s the season I guess? Everyone has them."


"I don’t understand the question. Mice are everywhere. How is this a surprise or new or anything?"


"I’m from the Hudson Valley in a suburban neighborhood and never had any issues with field mice.There are everywhere but certain areas and neighborhoods can have a much bigger population than others."

I love the response from ctrealestateatty, "I don't understand the question." Relax know-it-all. Let's not act like the question is so stupid that it's become perplexing to you. Some people like to start conversations, with questions rather than shouting answers all day. They might just want to start a dialogue, they might be bored.

I had a problem with mice when I moved to Danbury and I was wondering the same thing. You can't know if you don't ask. Who knows, maybe there is something in the environment that impacts the migration of mice, and Danbury is the mice center of universe? Maybe Pippa's wing sauce has something in it that attracts mice from far and wide?

I think I'm going to start an entire series where I defend people with the balls to actually ask questions. No matter what question people ask in a public forum, there are always 1-1,009 people who dump on them for asking.

Or, I could just relax, we're looking into it.

Since I brought you in here, I might as well give you some mouse advice but I'm no experrt so I'll kick it to the folks at Orkin who say:

In order to deter mice from entering an attic or crawl space, residents should first inspect the outside of the house. Mice enjoy easy access to the indoors through:

  • holes in roofing
  • uncapped chimneys
  • poorly sealed garage doors
  • ill-fitting screens

Be sure to fill all holes and create barriers to window and door openings. This is vital to stop the rodents from nesting inside.

Mouse Deterrents
Homeowners may be tempted to set up a mouse deterrent that makes the home unpleasant for these pests. Some common repellents include peppermint oil, mothballs, and ammonia. Promoters of these mouse deterrents claim that these methods release odors to repel the pests, but there is currently little proof these work.

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