If Danbury hockey fans could script an opening to the 2022-2023 season, they probably would have penned it, exactly the way it happened.

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The Hat Tricks first win came on Friday night (10/21/22) with a 5-3 win over the Delaware Thunder.

Danbury Hat Tricks
Danbury Hat Tricks

And they laid the wood to the same team, Saturday night with a final of 12-5.

Hat Tricks
Hat Tricks

The 2-0 start wasn't just electrifying on the scoreboard, there were some fisticuffs on display each night.

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That actually looked like it was going to be a close one for about 3 seconds. When I was watching that, it triggered a memory for me. Remember when Shaq won his first NBA title without Kobe? If you do, you'll remember that he went to a party in Miami Beach, grabbed the mic and started rapping, "Hey, Kobe, tell me how my ass taste." That was the "Hey, Kobe" version of a hockey fight, it was savage, unrelenting one-sided beating.

I was out of town, therefore not able to be in the building the opening weekend but I did get a chance to speak to my Danbury Hat Tricks Insider Ron Rogell who told me:

"The first game was a nail biter. We were winning 4-3 and they pulled the goalie and we got a penalty. So, it was 6 on 4. We shot it the length of the ice and it went in. We won 5-3. As for Saturday, what else can you say, look at that score."

The Hat Tricks have not played since Saturday but they put their unblemished record on the line when the Binghamton Black Bears invade the Danbury Ice Arena this Friday (10/28/22). Danbury gets a second crack at the Black Bears on Saturday. Tickets are on-sale for both games but get them fast because the buzz around this team is already at a fever pitch.

The D-Block has 6 points so far this season. 

P.S. A fun family moment took place Saturday night. Luke Richards scored his first goal and his sister Gabby was there to capture the moment and share it with the Twitter-sphere.

That's a nice moment. I would have ruined by arguing with my sister about her camera angle and video quality.

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