Bill McCreary is the Danbury Hat Tricks Head Coach, the President of Hockey Operations, and a man on a mission getting pumped for the 2022-2023 season. .

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McCreary joined the I-95 Morning Show on Tuesday (10/18/22), ahead of the season opener on Friday (10/21/22). We discussed what fans can expect of the team this year but we were curious to know, what the coach expects of the fans?

The fans in Section 102 of the Danbury Ice Arena have been notorious in the hockey world for years. They've been supporting the many Danbury teams that have called the Ice Arena home but their specialty is terrorizing the away team. We asked McCreary about 102, this is what he had to say:

"They're great, they're a seventh man out there, they bring a ton of energy to us, they really just pester the away team. I've got to tell you, they really get in their heads, they get in their coaches' heads, you know, they test their mental toughness. There are a lot of times where they break them and that obviously helps us."


There was a moment during the interview when I decided to tell Coach that Ethan called him Coach McQueefy, and he responded with a veiled challenge to the Morning Show.

We also learned where the Hat Tricks players live during the season after asking coach "where do you STORE these lunatics?"


It sounds like I'm trying to get my ass kicked but we're just here to have fun. We love and support our Danbury teams. I can't speak for the other guys but I (Lou) have season tickets, and I'll be spending a lot of time this season, at the games rooting the team on.

You can listen to our entire interview with Coach McCreary below. We talked about the buzz leading up to the new season and Coach informed us that the Hat Tricks are a team that is capable of "sending a message."

I would not be giving you the full picture, if I didn't mention that there is another rowdy group of fans in the Ice Arena, each night. My personal friend Ron Rogell is the Hat Tricks #1 fan. Ron, and his group (The Animal House) sit in Section 200 and they are "different"

Ron Rogell
Ron Rogell

They've been known to say some things that could melt the paint off the wall and throw the opponents off their game. My biggest challenge this year is going to be coming up with a chant that tops last year's. That is going to be difficult for me because the one I came up with last year is so bad, I can't even write it #syb

It all boils down to one thing, the AWAY teams should actually be frightened because they are coming into a volatile environment.

Below is some brief footage I captured last year

A quote I came up with that hangs on the wall as the Hat Tricks players exit the locker room

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

Section 102 in action back in 2011

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A Tour of the Ice Arena for the Danbury Hat Tricks Victorious Weekend

This season is underway at the Danbury Ice Arena and it began in victorious fashion. I was in the Arena for Friday and Saturday's games and I experienced the entire thing for you. Once you are done checking this out, you are going to buy tickets, that is not a threat, it's just what is going to happen.

There is something for everyone inside that arena, even if you don't like hockey. There were a ton of activities to be a part of in the Arena, even if you don't like hockey. That's not my style, if I go for a game I want to watch it but all the extras don't hurt the experience one bit,

Inside the Premier Party for the Danbury Trashers Netflix Documentary

My name is Lou Milano, I am the co-host of the Ethan and Lou Morning Show on I-95. Recently, I attended the local premier of the Netflix film "Untold: Crime & Penalties" about the Danbury Trashers. The Trashers were a United Hockey League team that were around for a short time in the 2000' s in Western, CT but the team and ownership left a lasting impact.

The premier was open to the public and would take place inside the building where the Trashers played hockey, the Danbury Ice Arena. I decided to watch the movie at my house before going to the event. I wanted to use the time at the arena to interview the people in the film, and give an inside look into the night. This was my night out, with the cast of the film and the Trashers. 

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