Danbury firefighters got the call when a mother duck started quacking hysterically this past Monday morning on Delay Street.

According to the Danbury Daily Voice, a passerby heard the frantic quacks of a mama duck near a storm drain on Delay Street next to the Patriot Garage. The call came into the Danbury Fire Department and Engine 22 immediately responded. As they arrived, they saw the mother duck was panic stricken making all kinds of loud duck noises.

The ducklings had somehow fallen into a storm drain which was an easy fix for Danbury firefighter Lt. Chip Daly who opened up the drain grate and scooped the four ducklings up and returned them safe and sound to their mom. The mother duck rounded up her babies with a few scolding quacks for not paying attention and watching where they were going.

Just before she waddled away, she looked back at Lt. Daly and the crew from Engine 22 and quacked twice, which in duck language means, "thank you." She then turned away as if she were in a hurry saying, "Lets pick up the pace you little quackers!" Their destination was the Still River where they were already late for their scheduled swimming lesson.

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