In July of 2018 three people lay trapped in their vehicles due to a horrific traffic accident.

According to a recent Danbury Fire Dept. press release, Danbury firefighters from D platoon arrived on the scene and went to work. All three victims were trapped in the vehicle and were suffering from traumatic injuries. D platoon knew that extricating each accident victim as quickly as possible meant the difference between life and death.

The firefighters immediately deployed the Hurst Jaws of Life which was the only tool that was going to give the trapped accident victims a chance to see their families again. The only way the driver could be rescued was by using the "steering wheel/dash lift" using an eDraulics jaw with chains.

The other two victims were successfully extricated using the life-saving Hurst tools. When all of the accident victims were rescued, the paramedics took over and transported the three individuals to the trauma center.

The specifics of the rescue were given to the Hurst Company, the only makers of the Jaws Of Life for consideration of their Green Cross Program. The program honors "fearless rescues made by men and women who defy danger." I am thrilled to report that because of the actions of the Danbury Fire Dept. D Platoon on July 27, 2018, they were awarded the Green Cross by Hurst Jaws of Life.

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