For the most part, the job of a Danbury Firefighter is to fight fires. But from time to time, they have to go above and beyond, or in this case, down and below.

It all happened over the weekend when the Danbury Fire Department received a call when someone accidentally dropped their cell phone into a parking lot storm drain.

According to the DFD Facebook post, first Engine Company 23 arrived on the scene to assess the situation and found out that it would actually be possible to try to attempt rescuing the phone, but they would need some extra assistance and a few extra hands. That brought Engine Company 24 to the scene to aid in the rescue and recovery.

This is where the fire department lived up to its name as "Danbury's Bravest." Responding crew members had to actually get into the drain and start going through the filthy water searching for the lost phone.

DFD Facebook Image
DFD Facebook Image

After crews spent some time in the storm drain, sifting through the water and storm debris, they eventually located the phone and were able to reunite it with its owner -- mission accomplished. The only thing left for crew members to do after that was hit the showers and get the stink blown off.

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