A full-sized van crashed into a local church rectory on Sunday (March 24), causing considerable damage to the building.

According to a social media post from the Danbury Fire Department, 911 calls started to roll in around 6:20 PM Sunday evening, reporting the crash. When both police and fire units arrived, they found that the house at 39 New St., which is owned by Philadelphia Pentecostal Church, had received a new makeover, and not for the better.

As pictured above and below, the entire wall that was struck by the vehicle was caved in, also causing structural damage to the second floor. Deputy Chief Meehan and his crew of firefighters used "their rescue skills and specialized tools" to make sure that the house wouldn't collapse. Water and electricity services to the home where secured as well.

The Fire Marshal's Office and the City of Danbury Building Department inspected the situation and then met with church representatives to help them with what they will need to begin restoration.

Look through the gallery for more photos of the scene:

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