It was national news when Steve Bannon reported to Danbury, Connecticut to begin serving his prison sentence at Danbury FCI. We wanted to get a feel for how the day went so we reached out to our contact at the prison, Pat Wynne. Pat works at the facility and is the Treasurer for AFGE Local 1661. Pat agreed to come on the show and help us get some answers and he brought along another gentlemen who was front and center for the media frenzy, Jay Furman. Jay is a security specialist and Executive VP of the union.

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Below are some of the highlights of that chat, you can listen to the full interview at the bottom of the page.

Lou: Steve Bannon came to Danbury and there was media everywhere, how did the day play out?

Jay: "It actually went pretty good. I want to give a huge shout out to the Danbury Police Department Detective Lieutenant Malone, Sergeant Dickinson and members of the Patrol Division helped me out huge. Without them it could have been, it could have gone sideways." 

Steve Bannon Reports To Federal Prison In Connecticut To Begin Four Month Sentence
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Lou: How does the media coordinate their attendance and do you guys give them permission to be on the property? How does that all go? 

Jay: "We don't give permission. They go across the street, there is a place across the street where they kind of setup. We have this white line at the beginning of our property, if they go past that white line that is considered Federal property, again Danbury PD was in front of that white line and they made sure that nobody crossed it. The protesters were a little funny I'll tell you one lady, she said enjoy the toilet wine bitch. She was screaming lock him up, lock him up, she got into it with a few other people." 

Ethan: Steve Bannon is always a little unkempt. Did he get a haircut and shave before going to prison? 

Jay: "He still looks like the Wolfman."

Ethan: I know Marjorie Taylor-Green was there did she get into any fistfights with any of the protestors? 

Pat: "No, like I said I watched some of the videos, I was on vacation so I missed it, you know poor me but yeah I watched some of the videos and she's kind of out there. She didn't have any fistfights but the protestors were definitely going at her. Yeah, she's a wild one." 

Steve Bannon Reports To Federal Prison In Connecticut To Begin Four Month Sentence
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Lou: What was his (Bannon's) sort of state of mind or the way he was behaving? 

Jay: "He was very calm he just said he was proud to serve his prison time, I believe he said that on the news. He didn't seem like he was extremely nervous, he didn't, he was just like a normal person." 

Listen to our entire interview with Jay and Pat below. We also worked in a "keestering" reference and asked about Danbury's reputation for taking on celebrity prisoners.

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